A Little About Us

    In 2007, I started a t-shirt business selling mostly baby onesies and toddler t-shirts, Sandbox Threads. Onto those onesies & shirts, I put designs that I'd wear myself and that one typically didn't see on baby clothes. As Sandbox Threads grew, we received a bunch of requests from parents to add adult sizes and eventually our store expanded to include sizes for all.

    Then in early 2011, a buddy of mine sent me a picture of a college basketball player wearing what he thought was a Sandbox Threads shirts. Turns out that is wasn't, but being the huge sports fan that I am, I liked the shirt so much that an idea was hatched and One 10 Threads was born.

    The name One 10 comes from the classic sports cliche, "giving 110%." And while the cliche is over used, if ever it applies to a set of athletes, it's the ones we feature on our shirts.

    At all of our stores, we only use American made sweatshop free tees. Each and every shirt is made by hand. We are no big box store. Heck, we aren't even a small box store, but we make some pretty awesome shirts.


    Thanks for stopping by!